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Brian Lakamp, New President of Clear Channel Digital, Talks Radio’s Evolution

Brian Lakamp

When he was promoted to President of Clear Channel Digital this month, Brian Lakamp, stepped into some very big shoes. The radio giant’s digital efforts had previously been steered by Bob Pittman, the legendary founder of MTV, who is now CEO of Clear Channel’s umbrella of corporate holdings. (Mr. Pittman’s associates also recently launched a seed stage fund for digital media.)

“We’ve got a big challenge in front of us, as streaming radio becomes the norm, and the social graph allows for personalization in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago,” said Mr. Lakamp, speaking with Betabeat by phone. “Add to that the 750 local radio brands we work with, and you have a a massive opportunity.” Read More

Web TV Wars

The Web TV Wars Are Starting to Get Really Bloody

Oatmeal really nailed this one

Netflix sent the blogosphere into a tizzy earlier this week when it announced it was dividing itself in two: Netflix the streaming video business, and Qwikster, the disastrously named DVD by mail step child. A lot of articles were written trying to parse the news, but the general sentiment was confusion.

The truth is that the TV business is on the brink of a seismic shift, akin to what has already happened in music with the iTunes store and Spotify. But the entrenched interests, both the networks and the cable companies, are doing everything they can to make sure they keep control during this change.

So you get a situation like Netflix and Qwickster, which as Elliot Van Buskirk explains, is all about the licensing silly: Read More