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Get Baller with Boxee’s New iPad App

It's about time

If you’re a big time VC or founder with a sweet exit, you probably get your floss on with an iPad in every room of the house. To get the full MTV Cribs Tech Edition, it’s crucial to have a fantastic stream of videos running at all time or ready to go with a single swipe.

We’ve had the Boxee in our living room for a while and love the ability to stream Netflix (all six seasons of the Larry Sanders show) and easily pull up videos we bookmarked from the web. Now we can double down on our home entertainment with Boxee’s new iPad appRead More

Ecosystem Play

Classing it Up, Tries to Dodge Spam


Here’s an interesting shift. While many content farms are expanding their pace and even going public, is trying to step into the world of premium video.

The plan is to double the kind of high quality videos that are increasingly the long trail revenue drivers. This is similar to Youtube, which is spending $100 million to launch 20 channels with focuses on art, sports and entertainment, as well as celebrity driven specials.  Read More

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Livestream: “Cable Operators Will Die”

Livestream CEO Max Haot: It's time to "break the cable model."

New York City-based Livestream, which specializes in streaming events live online, said today that its viewers spend an average of 16 minutes per viewing with different types of streams across the network.

That number suggests that the press conferences, traffic cameras and home-produced TV shows on Livestream are closer to competing with the professionally-produced Read More