Booting Up: Apple Is Supposedly Prepping an iPhone Trade-In Program

"Leave me alone." (Photo: Twitter)

Facebook is going to pony up $20 million to some users who were included in its “Sponsored Stories” ad program without receiving their permission. [Wired]

Apple is reportedly going to unveil an iPhone trade-in program in anticipation of the new model coming in September. [AllThingsD]

Alexis Ohanian is going on the offensive and denying rumors that he did work for controversial intelligence agency Stratfor despite a Wikileaks dump that Reddit users are insinuating otherwise. [Daily Dot]

According to a Pew Research study, 10 percent use their smartphones as their sole connection to the Internet. We pity their Facebook experience. [TechCrunch]

Um, get excited for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming next week? [GigaOM]

Privacy is Dead

The FBI’s Billion-Dollar Facial Recognition Project Announced Just in Time For Worldwide Privacy Protests

Do you always feel like somebody's watching you? (Image via AnonNCarolina2, Twitter)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has begun implementing a $1 billion face recognition program that will probably scare everyone outside of law enforcement.  NewScientist reports that the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program will lump iris scans, biometrics, DNA and even voice prints into one formidable profiling tool and some states are already using the program in a limited fashion. The whole thing will be in effect across the country in about 2 years. NewScientist addresses the privacy problem: Read More

Occupy the Internet

Does Tartan Tie TrapWire to Surveillance of Occupy Wall Street?

Tartan Metrics (Screen grab)

Russian news outlet has been excitedly suggesting that the TrapWire surveillance system marks the advent of an American police state. Now RT is suggesting a fairly direct connection between the shady ex-CIA types behind TrapWire and something called Tartan Metrics.

Tartan certainly uses dense doublespeak to describe itself, stating on its site landing page that it “quantifies key influencers and hidden connections in social networks using mathematical algorithms” for “un-biased output.” RT doesn’t note that Tartan is so secretive those interested in its services can try them for free over the web, but maybe they have more important information to impart–Tartan expressly mentions using its software and services to analyze Occupy Wall Street and related movements: Read More

Big Leaks

[UPDATED] Anonymous Teams With Wikileaks To Publish Confidential Stratfor Emails in ‘The Global Intelligence Files’

Wikileaks's symbol for the Stratfor email leak

Wikileaks dropped a bomb on Texas-based “global intelligence company” Stratfor late Sunday with “The Global Intelligence Files,” a dump of over 5 million hacked emails containing confidential information about Stratfor’s informers, psych ops, pay-offs and the methods they use to make the payments. Anonymous has proudly taken credit for the hack via @YourAnonNews: Read More