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Startup Rundown: Viners Test Out Zero Gravity and Livefyre Acquires Storify

Apple drop incoming. (Photo: YouTube)

Zero gravity Vines Newton would be proud - in honor of Gravity Day, September 8, GE asked Viners to film themselves catching an apple at the top of their screen and dropping it down through the bottom. When put together, it looks like the apple falls from one video to the next as you scroll through them, ending in a zero gravity multi-apple drop. GE compiled all the #GravityDrop vines in this trippy five-minute video. Read More

Life is Tweet

Social Media Weekend 2012: Great, Important, Wonderful Stuff


Gianna Palmer is a guest blogger for Betabeat.

This past weekend, Columbia’s Journalism School hosted its second annual Social Media Weekend. We’re not entirely sure what the event was like, because we couldn’t afford to shell out $200 for the all-inclusive weekend pass. Imagining that it had a lot to do with Twitter, Betabeat turned to the official hashtag for Social Media Weekend— yes, there was one— for clues. Here’s what #smwknd found us: Read More