That CPU Cray: Supercomputas In Paris Illinois by CRAY Make Investors Go… Cray

watch the cray

What, you’ve never heard of CRAY, INC? They make supercomputers. You know what a supercomputer is, right? It’s like if Jay-Z and Kanye West were computers and came together to make an album (or: one big computer) with guest appearances by people like Beyonce (or: the foremost computer scientists in the world) on it. And the supercomputer makers of CRAY Inc are seeing their stock rise by more than 10 percent in a single day. You know what that is? CRAY. So: Why’s it happening? Read More


Warren Buffett’s $10.7 Billion Bet on IBM: WHUH?

IBM ten-year look

Let’s say you’re one of the foremost investment geniuses of the universe, hailed as the most prominent and successful value investor in the world. Your last two gigantic bets have been on Goldman Sachs getting bailed out by our government and a deal with Bank of America you dreamed up in your bathtub that looks more like a curbside mugging by the Six Flags mascot than it does a deal with two sides to it. So what do you get into now? Ah, yes: those computer machines of the future! And has he got just the company to do it with: IBM!

Yup. IBM. Read More