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Google Glass App for Traders Will Let Them Watch Stock Prices Plummet While They Buy Their Hermès Ties

Testing, testing. (Photo: Getty)

As if being a Wall Street i-banker and working in a power suit till 4 a.m. every morning isn’t already appealing, now you can do it with a computer strapped to your face.  As Quartz reported yesterday, Fidelity Labs—sort of like the mad scientists’ division of Fidelity Investments—has developed a “market monitoring app” for Google Glass. Read More


StockTwits Wants to Make Money Without Advertising or Premium Memberships

StockTwits co-founder, Howard Lindzon

There comes a time in every start-up’s life when they have to move beyond, “If we build it, they will come,” and start focusing on guap. For StockTwits co-founder and investor Howard Lindzon, that time is nigh. But rather than the typical advertising or premium membership route, Lindzon’s New York- and San Diego-based Twitter-based financial network for traders and investors has opted to disrupt the staid field of corporate investor relations. Betabeat talked to StockTwits investor and executive editor Phil Pearlman today to find out why. Read More