App for That

Users of Snoop Lion’s App Are Paying $100 for a Virtual Sticker of a Joint

This is $100. (Photo: WSJ/Snoopify)

Attention, struggling app developers: Snoop Lion has the answer to your monetization woes, and it comes in the form of a big ol’ joint.

On Snoop Lion’s free app, Snoopify, users upload pictures and adorn them with stickers of joints, stacks of cash, and girls in bikinis. Since last week, however, Snoopify has been selling the “Golden Jay,” a $100 sticker Read More

Facebook Faceoff

MessageMe, the Addictive App Facebook Tried to Buy Before Cutting It Off, Already Picked Up More Than 1M. Users

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 8.26.54 AM

There have been a rash of reports recently about Facebook’s mercurial approach to third-party developers. The social network may not want to be “in the business of king-making,” by boosting–or suppressing–traffic to popular apps, as Douglas Purdy, director of developer products, told Reuters. But Facebook is increasingly willing to shut the castle gate on competitors.

While Facebook claims it’s an effort to stop spam and promote apps that add value to the network, “Developers say the crackdown is an attempt to stifle applications that compete with Facebook-owned services,” or pay for ads on Facebook, the Wall Street Journal reported last night.   Read More

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Japan’s Instagram Alternative Taps Into Your Inner Tweenage Sticker Fiend


American audiences have discovered a Japanese version of Instagram called Pick and Buzzfeed is nearly beside itself with the possibilities. “I’m pretty sure I’m never switching back,” swoons FWD’s John Herrman. What makes Pick so much <3 <3 <3-ier than its domestic counterpart? Stickers! There are puppy stickers, and straw hat stickers and bunny wabbit stickers, and alphabet stickers–all the better to spell out squeeeeeee! Read More