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Bon Voyage! Steve Schlafman Is Leaving Lerer Ventures for RRE

Mr. Schlafman (twitter)

There’s a little shuffling in the city’s VC scene this morning. VC Steve Schlafman has announced (via his Tumblr) that he’ll be leaving Lerer Ventures to join RRE. He’ll be a principal focused on Series A investments (as opposed to his seed stage work at Lerer).

We like to imagine that when you leave Lerer you get Smirnoff iced as a send-off, but maybe that’s just us. Read More

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You Have Until Midnight Tonight to Vote for Your Favorite Startup for The Pitch


Twenty New York startups are competing to be featured in the second season of our web series The Pitch. But only 10 will move on for a chance to pitch investors–Steve Schlafman of Lerer Ventures and Nikhil Kalghatgi of SoftBank Capital–and win funding for their idea. And you get to decide!

Check out the slideshow and vote for your favorite startups to make it to the next round. Read More


The Great Coffee Shop Boycott

Coffee Shop (Will M., vs. Friend of a Farmer (Fred W.,

Coffee Shop (Will M., vs. Friend of a Farmer (Fred W.,

The Coffee Shop in Union Square, located on the bustling corner of 17th St. and Union Square West, is famous for several things: the waitresses are models, it turns into a Brazilian dance club on the weekends, was voted Best Bar for Modelizers in the Village Voice, and New York says it boasts a “high risk of poor service and unpleasant encounters with attitudinal (but often pretty) people” but praised the crayons and puzzle place mats for kids. This noisy, WiFi-less den is famous for something else within the tight-knit community of Silicon Alley: it serves as the de facto meeting place for VCs and founders such as Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson and IA Ventures’ Roger Ehrenberg. “Pitch your startup to First Round Capital here. They’re right across the street,” says the Foursquare tip left by Charlie O’Donnell.  Read More

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Hustler Steve Schlafman Joins Lerer Ventures


The Lerer Ventures family is growing! Formerly just Kenny Lerer, Eric Hippeau, Ben Lerer, his buddy Jordan Cooper and their entrepreneur-in-residence Christopher Poole, the fund announced about a month ago a new $25 million seed fund and started recruiting for venture capitalists. Today the fund announced its first hire since the new fund: Steve Schlafman, natural business development hustler, former director of investments at the Kraft Group, former StickyBits employee and Startup Bus veteran, is joining as a principal investor.

Mr. Schlafman is enthralled with the start-up scene of New York! “After spending the last twelve months entrenched in the NYC tech community, I’m now convinced that we are witnessing a tech renaissance–and in less than a decade, the tech industry will certainly be as influential (if not more) than any other sector in NYC,” he wrote in a guest post on Mr. Cooper’s blog.

Why not go back to StickyBits now that it’s blowing up? Betabeat asked, thinking that the virally popular site could surely use some business development.

“I’m a small investor in Sticky/Turntable so my relationship with those guys is still intact and very positive,” he wrote in an email. “That said, I have ADD so I thought going back to venture was better suited for me.” Read More