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Messaging Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Founder Charges $100 to Stay Out of His ‘Other’ Box


Oh, Zuck. We know you have a busy schedule, especially now that you’re running a public company, and we imagine that if you were to ever hang up your CEO boots, you’d have no shortage of speaking engagements that paid you princely sums for a little of your time. Still, the idea that there’s a Facebook fan out there who’d pay the company $100 for the privilege of sending you a message fairly boggles the mind. Read More


Booting Up: Countdown to the Ashton Kutcher Jobs Film

This guy. (Photo: Screenrant)

Not only is Starbucks accepting payments via Square, the coffee conglomerate is now also selling the Square credit card reader for $10 at its retail locations. [New York Times]

Spotify has suspended its music download service in the U.K. Users can still stream music, but are sent to an unhelpful FAQ page when they attempt to purchase it. [Pocket-Lint]

Kim Dotcom says the U.S. “planted” evidence, encouraging him to keep copyrighted files on the Megaupload servers but then punishing him when he did so. [Ars Technica]

That indie Steve Jobs film, that will star Ashton Kutcher and be an inevitable flop that we will still watch anyway, is slated for release in April. Who wants to go with us? [Wall Street Journal]

The New York state comptroller is suing microchip company Qualcomm for data about its political expenditures with the hopes it can bring more transparency to corporate political spending. [New York Times]


Booting Up: The Zuckerbergs Cook Breakfast Edition


The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a civil action against Netflix after CEO Reed Hastings posted on Facebook in June that the company’s customers would soon view 1 billion hours of content a month. Mr. Hastings posted his thoughts on the SEC investigation on Facebook. [Facebook]

Because you’re dying to make “eggnog cinnamon Read More


Booting Up: Communing with Steve Jobs’ Ghost Edition

(Photo: G4)

Larry Page is “hopeful” about the outcome of that antitrust probe into Google. Good for him! [Wall Street Journal]

Speaking of Google, here’s a peak inside its top secret data center. [Wired]

Microsoft has set its Surface tablet price at $499. That’s a lot of money you will never spend on a thing from Microsoft. [Wall Street Journal]

Motherboard talked to Steve Jobs through a psychic medium. Happy Halloween? [Motherboard]

The London Review of Books has a sad about online dating. [LRB]


Booting Up: Jeff Bezos Bets a Bit on Quantum Computing

MWAHAHA! (Photo: flickr.com/oreilly)

No, Facebook is not outing the links you share in private messages by adding them to your list of likes–though those pages do get an additional, unattributed thumbs-up. But what if you hate-shared the link? What then, Zuck? [Business Insider]

Speaking of: Here come the Facebook IPO lawsuits! [Reuters]

Jeff Bezos and the CIA believe this startup can pull off a quantum computer, to the tune of a $30 million investment in the company. Many others are skeptical. [Technology Review]

This morning, the entire Apple homepage is devoted to a remembrance of Steve Jobs, who died a year ago today. [Apple]

New York City teens can now pay a dollar to have their smartphones stored in a truck just off campus during school hours. Just another chapter in our town’s long, proud history of hustling.  [USA Today]