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Study: Boning Someone You Met Through a Sex App May Increase STI Risk

You know what we mean.

Here’s some bad news for anyone who enjoys finding a new sex partner from the comfort of their own couch. A study found that gonorrhea and chlamydia were more common in gay men using apps to meet for sex than in those meeting on clubs or online, the BBC reports.

The researchers polled 7,184 men who were using a sexual health clinic at the LA Gay and Lesbian Centre. From the BBC: Read More

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New App Aims to Stamp Out STD Stigma, Make Testing ‘Suck Less’

Founder Ramin Bastani's squeaky clean profile. (Photo: Hula)

Sexually transmitted diseases are not new. And yet, their diagnosis and treatment has gone undisrupted by the tech industry.

But a new app is seeking not only to bring tech and STDs into the same sentence, but to tear down the stigma associated with discussing one’s sexual health. The app is called Hula, and founder and CEO Ramin Bastani hopes that through word of mouth and partnerships with dating websites and public health organizations, it will encourage people to have honest conversations when it comes to sex, and improve their health, too.

“The status quo is if you and I meet and you ask me if I’ve been tested, the instant response is, ‘Of course I have,’ and I’m offended,” he said.

And that awkward conversation is nothing compared to finding a clinic, walking in and enduring the medical procedure––that is, if the clinic even accepts you. In his research, Mr. Bastani found health centers that flat out denied him, or carried exorbitant surprise fees. It makes a difficult process even harder.

“We want to bring transparency to the STD testing world,” Mr. Bastani said in a phone interview with Betabeat. “We want to make STD testing suck less.” Read More