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New Video Skewers All Your Melodramatic, Vague Facebook Statuses

Sammantha Anderson, accused "Vaguebooker." (Above Average)

As anyone with angst-ridden Facebook friends knows, there’s nothing more annoying than coming face-to-face with someone’s vague, depressing status updates.

“Life sux so much right now”; “Can’t believe u did this 2 me”—you know, the kind of statuses that don’t give you nearly enough information, but give you just enough dramatic details to make you desperate to know the full story of why Kaitlynne might “never get out of bed 4ever.” Read More


Tumblr Deletes Its Tweets About Service Problems


Here’s a study in social media strategy: Contrast the archives of Twitter status blog, powered by Tumblr, with the Tumblr status feed, hosted on Twitter. Twitter’s status blog is an archive of the company’s downtime: May 10: “site stability issues,” May 5: “elevated error rates,” and so on. Tumblr, by contrast, likes to wipe the slate clean! Tweets about Tuesday’s downtime–and all the service issues Tumblr has tweeted about in the past–have been scrubbed from the company’s feed.  Read More