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The Pitch Season 2, Episode Three: Status Chart – A New Kind of Resume


For those who struggle to tell their professional story within the confines of a stodgy one-page resume, Status Chart is here to help. Christopher Kennedy, founder of Status Chart, conceived of the concept in the middle of a job interview. Feeling that his resume didn’t accurately portray who he was beyond his 9-5 gig, he wanted to create a well-designed solution that elegantly presented all his professional development and tech community activities, projects and achievements. Afterall, a one-pager doesn’t exactly give you enough space to explain your glorious hackathon achievements. The online platform helps users track their milestones and connect with others in their field. Users create profiles that list all completed, pending and upcoming projects. Read More

Quantify Me

Status Chart, the Résumé Porn for Self-Quantifiers, Officially Beta-Launches Today

(Photo: Status Chart)

A few weeks ago, a piece of porn for self-quantifiers shot up to the top of Hacker News. It was created by NYC’s very own Chris Kennedy–a Betabeat poachable–and was intended to remix and remaster the traditional boring résumé layout. The Hacker News crowd went so crazy for Mr. Kennedy’s invention that he promised to launch a version for others to use as well.

Today, just two weeks after he publicized his own Status Chart, Mr. Kennedy and backend dev Richard Owens have opened up the platform to other engineers and designers. Read More