Going Mobile

As Rumors About a $2B Valuation Swirl, Airbnb Sees Mobile Traffic Double

Mr. Vilcsak and what we have to presume is a fake mustache. (Photo: Twitter)

Despite New York’s recent crackdown on illegal hoteliers–which has put the tech-friendly city at odds with successful travel startups–Airbnb has continued to grow at an impressive rate. The San Francisco-based room rental company is reportedly seeking a fresh $100M round at a valuation of $2-3B, an astronomical number given the company’s run-ins with local ordinances and apartment-ruining nightmares.

But despite those minor setbacks, Airbnb has continued to see a significant uptick in travelers who opt to use its services instead of sketchy hostels or expensive hotels. One of the ways in which the company has managed to secure market dominance is by building out a robust mobile experience that caters to the immediacy necessary to on-the-go planning. Read More

Fun with Stats

Airbnb Sees Huge Influx of Visitors to NYC Over Labor Day Weekend

(Photo: Airbnb)

It seems that the fall switch has finally been flipped. The nights now carry a distinctive chill, the humidity dissipating. Over Labor Day weekend, tons of tourists from all over the globe flocked to New York for summer’s last hurrah. But many of them didn’t stay in traditional hotels–thousands opted instead for Airbnb rentals.

Here are some stats Airbnb shared with Betabeat. They give us a pretty interesting glimpse into the San Francisco-based company’s New York landscape and provide some insight into what holiday weekends look like for Airbnb. Also, turns out a lot of tourists aren’t afraid to stay in the outer boroughs. Read More