Future of the Book

Take a Look, It’s In a Nook: US Ambassador Sworn In Via Ereader

Ambassador LeVine was sworn in on an (off-brand, sorry) ereader. (Photo via Twitter.com/USAinUK)

This should put some anti-ereader elitists’ complaints about Kindles and Nooks to bed.

The new U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Suzi LeVine, was sworn into office on Friday. Instead of laying her left hand on the Bible, she opted for an ereader loaded up with the Constitution of the United States. It was an off-brand ereader, but an ereader nonetheless. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

State Department Offers Helpful Guidelines On How Not to Get Catfished

(Photo: sportsgrid)

The Manti Te’o scam, which revealed that the supposedly dead girlfriend of a Notre Dame football player had never really existed, sparked a maelstrom of hype about the dangers of online dating. The New York Post even discovered a Second Life-type virtual reality world where people can have–gasp–virtual sex! (The only drawback, you’d have to say you met on “Utherverse.”)

Now, the U.S. government has jumped into the fray, offering some helpful tips on how not to get Catfished, or–as they put it–“don’t become the victim of a sweetheart scam!” Read More

Schmidt Happens

The Feds Are All, ‘Really, Eric?’ With Mr. Schmidt’s Mission to North Korea

Mr. Schmidt, laying some knowledge on us. (Screencap)

Sometime soon, Google chairman and unfiltered man-about-town Eric Schmidt is due to set out for North Korea in the company of former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

However, it seems the U.S. State Department is not particularly keen on this trip. In fact, it sounds like America’s highest-ranking diplomats are downright pissed that Messrs. Schmidt and Richardson have seen fit to embark on their own private mission to Pyongyang. Read More