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Startup News: DailyWorth Creates CreateWorth

There's a lot to learn (San Diego Air and Space Museum archive photo |

MEET. Ten dollars gets you into the NY Tech Meetup at NYU this evening. The meetup will take place at the Skirball Center For The Performing Arts at 566 LaGuardia Place where NYC startups will demo all the cool things they’re doing.

BestVendorCartoDBEverything Butt Art,LenddoMVFMyMatchmakerScroll KitPaperlex and Umami will all be showing off their startup skills.

GIRL POWER. DailyWorth, an online resource for women in business with backing from the likes of Joanne Wilson is launching a new financial newsletter devoted to female entrepreneurs: CreateWorth. Lady entrepreneurs who sign up will recieve a “bi-weekly forum” detailing personal experiences from DailyWorth founder Amanda Steinberg, and encouragement and tips to “master business-building fundamentals.”

TECH RUSH. Reuters TV hits up ZocDocHiiDef and LivePerson in a new video for their tech show, Tech Tonic. Read More