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A Fashion Week Hackathon With All the Right Ratios?

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Silicon Alley is awfully fond of putting “proximity to other industries” in its plus column. As the line goes: We’re down the street from the top media, financial, and fashion companies in the world! Despite being neighbors, however, fashion and tech have had some trouble understanding each other–hence the growing number of fashion startups that have hung up their stilettos for good.

Into all that drama jumped Decoded Fashion with an exceedingly practical idea: a fashion hackathon where industry insiders tell techies what’s actually lacking in the market. In other words, rather than the umpteenth street style photo-sharing apps, how about the next Fashion GPS, a digital tracker for samples and look books used by designers like Lanvin, Dior and many, many more. Read More

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Meet the StartupBus Brain Trust at Its Accelerate ‘Unconference’ in NYC [Discount Codes]


“I would say that it takes a very specific type of person to want to go on a three day bus trip on a cramped, smelly bus to try to launch a startup,” Jonathan Gottfried, a developer evangelist from Twilio told Betabeat last week. Mr. Gottfried was talking about the StartupBus, the pipe dream of an idea that started with a bus trip from San Francisco to SXSW in 2010, migrated to the New York City in 2011, and is now in Europe as well.

The bus trips–going to tech conferences like SXSW and now Le Web–consist of a competition where teams are formed, products built, and winners picked, all while hurtling along the highway. Read More

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Startup News: General Assembly Seeks Teachers, TechStars Startups Are Hiring, and Free Pizza

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GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Besides that $2,800 Ruby class, General Assembly is ramping up its curriculae big time with classes on everything from how to use Twitter to starting up in China. The campus is also hunting for teachers. “Want to teach at General Assembly? Get in touch by completing the form here.”

HIRING. As activity marketplace SideTour prepares to leave the TechStars offices for greener pastures this Friday, the startup has officially started hiring for a lead engineer and “host development manager.” Business Insider is looking for a biz dev intern. Read More

Startup Bus, the Hackathon on Wheels, to Reunite With Unconference

Hackers on the Startup Bus.

Remember the busload of entrepreneurs who hacked together six companies on the way from New York to South By Southwest? The experience was somewhere between summer camp and boot camp, and the participants have kept in touch ever since. (Betabeat received a few tipsy messages one night that revealed the buspreneuers had reunited for drinks and decided to raise $6,000 by the morning in order to stage an impromptu hackathon on a train.) Now the Startup Bus syndicate is planning StartupBus Accelerate, brainchild of Startup Bus hacker Mike Caprio, for this Saturday at New Work City. Read More


Do You Want to Hack On a Bus for 36 Hours and the Chance to Win $10 K.? Yes. Yes You Do.

Brought to you by the folks at Startup Bus comes a new challenge: 30 hackers. 36 hours. 900 miles. Imagine that being read by Don LaFontaine, and tell me you’re not excited, even if you’ve got a case of hackathon fatigue. The hackathon is sponsored by Intel, which means the prizes will be fiiine–so far $10,000 cash has been announced. Says Justin Isaf, who captained the New York bus hackathon last spring and now spends his days community managing at The Huffington Post: “NYC really delivered on the StartupBus to SxSW. We need someone to go defend that reputation and keep kicking some Silicon Valley rear end.”

Show Us Your Deck

Show Us Your Deck: TripMedi

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TripMedi, a Yelp for medical tourism, was conceived and launched on a bus from New York City to Austin, Tex. during the Startup Bus competition. TripMedi was selected as one of the six companies to pitch a panel of top tier investors at the conference and ended up sharing the winner’s title with a team from Silicon Valley. The panelists, including 500 Startups’ Dave McClure and AngelList’s Naval Ravikant, were especially impressed with the team’s deck.

Show Us Your Deck  is a collection of slide decks from New York City start-ups. Got a deck you want to show us? Let us know. Read More

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Rumors & Acquisitions: The Post-SXSW Rumble


Heyyy, rumor roundup!

We’re hearing that Fast Society has some potential suitors hot to get their hands on the app that’s built to party. Is it Andrew W.K.?! We asked FS, and they “don’t comment on rumors,” but the company implied they’d be open to an offer. “We are going to do whatever is right for our business and vision,” co-founder Matthew Rosenberg said in an email. Read More