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Hamptons Douche Spotter To Expand Following Banner July Fourth Weekend

Yeah, sure, just relax. (Screengrab: Facebook)

A Facebook group known as Douche spotter blew up over the weekend, and its founder is taking his show on the road to Twitter, YouTube and a Douche Spotter website.

The 12,000-member group, which now has a corresponding fan page, functions as an online town square where Hamptons residents can put arrogant visitors on blast. Over the weekend, the page featured a photo of a woman feeding her purse-dog while it sat in a high chair; two men taking up four seats and allegedly gossiping about fellow bankers’ salaries on a standing-room-only train; and tons of terrible park jobs. Read More


Booting Up: One BILLION Users

(Photo: The Social Network)

Accel has closed a $475 million fund that they plan to use for Series A startups mainly in Israel and Europe. [TechCrunch]

Yesterday was Twitter’s 7th birthday and it celebrated by hitting the 200 million users milestone. That’s great and all but… [The Verge]

…YouTube announced they have one billion monthly users. You know what’s cool? [San Jose Mercury News]

The influx of new money from this round of billion dollar startups has undeniably changed the Valley. But is it for the better? [East Bay Express]

Turns out Starbucks baristas actually have no idea how to use that Square thing. [Fast Company]


Booting Up: Countdown to the Ashton Kutcher Jobs Film

This guy. (Photo: Screenrant)

Not only is Starbucks accepting payments via Square, the coffee conglomerate is now also selling the Square credit card reader for $10 at its retail locations. [New York Times]

Spotify has suspended its music download service in the U.K. Users can still stream music, but are sent to an unhelpful FAQ page when they attempt to purchase it. [Pocket-Lint]

Kim Dotcom says the U.S. “planted” evidence, encouraging him to keep copyrighted files on the Megaupload servers but then punishing him when he did so. [Ars Technica]

That indie Steve Jobs film, that will star Ashton Kutcher and be an inevitable flop that we will still watch anyway, is slated for release in April. Who wants to go with us? [Wall Street Journal]

The New York state comptroller is suing microchip company Qualcomm for data about its political expenditures with the hopes it can bring more transparency to corporate political spending. [New York Times]


A Venti for Jack: Starbucks Pitches in on Square’s $200M. Series D

Dude is obsessed. (Photo:

Everyone’s favorite credit card processing company has returned from its latest trip to the venture capital trough. Today Square announced a $200 million Series D, in a five-sentence blog post that could only be described as terse. Perhaps CEO Jack Dorsey is taking his emulation of Bruce Lee a little too far?

According to the announcement, investors include Citi Ventures, Rizvi Traverse Management, and Starbucks Coffee Company. Judging from CrunchBase, it looks like CrunchFund also got in on the action. The cash will go toward an international expansion planned for later this year. Read More

Tap It To Me

Dunkin Donuts Definitely Needed Its Very Own Mobile Payment App

America runs on smartphones, more like. (Photo:

Now that big fancy Starbucks has its Square-enabled mobile payments system, you didn’t think Dunkin Donuts was going to allow itself to be one-upped like some sort of country cousin, did you? Certainly not!

GigaOm reports that today, the Massachusetts-based purveyor of superior coffee and slightly stale baked goods is launching its very own mobile payments app, for those of you looking to download something new to the fifth screen of your smartphone.. How it works: Read More

Let's Make a Deal

Square Scores a Venti-Sized Deal From Starbucks to Process All Credit and Debit Cards

(Photo: Twitter)

As the adage goes, there is a Starbucks on every corner. What better way for a payment service company to reach critical mass than setting itself up at the most familiar cash register in America?

The New York Times reports today that mobile payment service Square will process all credit and debit transactions for Starbucks beginning in the fall. It’s a major coup for the mobile payment startup that has mostly been relegated to craft tables at flea markets and indie boutiques. Read More