Fashion Week Observed

11 Reasons to Covet Rodarte’s Absurd Star Wars Collection

(Photo: Getty)

This fashion week has been entertaining. First, there was the spectacle of watching fashionistas travel to Brooklyn for Alexander Wang as if they were George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Then, the walls at Opening Ceremony ran with chocolate. Fun fact: the show coincided with a cable rerun of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Coincidence? We hope not.

And, of course, there was a streaker channelling his inner Bruno at Prabal Gurung. But the best move so far has been Rodarte’sStar Wars–inspired collection, presented this afternoon, featuring screen printed Luke Skywalker, C–3PO and Yoda skirts. Here are 11 arguments in favor of the kooky collection: Read More

This Happened

Almost 7,000 People Sign Petition Urging President Obama to Build a Death Star

America's newest public works project. (Photo: Eye on Star Wars)

Let’s start by saying you can make a petition for almost anything on, and we’re pretty sure the President never even glances at them. But apparently, over 6,800 people have signed a petition asking President Obama to start building a Death Star, the space station/super weapon from Star Wars, by 2016. And who says the Internet savvy are politically lazy? Read More

Science Rules

At the Rose Center for Earth and Space, First Comes the Dream; Then, the Soon-To-Be Reality

(Photo: Brooke Hammerling, Instagram)

Last night, gangs of glammed-out New York techies and science enthusiasts trekked uptown to the Rose Center for Earth and Space to take in a stunningly optimistic program presented by Gizmodo and the American Museum of Natural History. The event was planned and hosted by Gawker Media founder Nick Denton (with the help of Brew PR), who appeared so eager about the “celebration of technology and discovery” that he tweeted about it numerous times prior to the event, published a grandiose blog post on Gizmodo reveling in the glorious achievements of science, and sent out an email to attendees: “This evening should be inspiring and fun,” he wrote.

“I’ve never seen Nick so excited for a social event,” one colleague remarked.

And who could begrudge Mr. Denton his excitement? The event was everything he claimed it would be–and perhaps more, depending on how many free cocktails you indulged in. Hosted by Ellen V. Futter, the president of the American Museum of Natural History, Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley and Mr. Denton himself, the gathering was as swank and inspiring as expected. Read More