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Sprint Customers Will Soon Be Able to Use Their Cellphones At Underground Subway Stops

Soon. (Photo:

Soon, Sprint customers won’t have to look longingly at others who are completing calls underground.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the mobile company and Transit Wireless have finalized a contract to connect their customers at 36 subway stations in midtown and Chelsea by early 2014. The deal also encompasses Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers, since both use Sprint’s wireless network Read More

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Sprint Sends Swarm of Angry People with Lost Cellphones to Random Dude’s House

(Photo: Biz Journal)

As anyone who has used a map app recently will tell you, GPS location is still a pretty imperfect science. Sadly, we don’t think that will be any comfort to Wayne Dobson, a 59-year-old Las Vegas man who has fallen victim to a glitch with Sprint Wireless’s GPS technology. The problem has dispatched scores of people who lost their cell phones to his front door demanding he give them their phones back. Read More

Massive Attack! Apple, AT&T, and Sprint Staffers Brace for Siege of iPhone 5 Buyers

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The hordes began lining up along Fifth Avenue eight days ago. Earlier this week, from inside their glass house, Apple store employees in familiar blue shirts (and the occasional derby cap) looked out towards the queue of customers eager to peel open the wrapping on their iPhone 5. But for employees at the flagship location, the yearly event is trading in its pomp for a more perfunctory feel.

Hushed by corporate mandates, Apple employees weren’t forthcoming about the launch. Betabeat approached several staffers the Fifth Avenue and Grand Central locations, but only one would speak to us on background. Sealed lips smiled calmly, despite the intensity of the reality distortion field outside the store. Read More

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NYU Senior’s Cellphone Startup Faces ‘Malicious Network Attack’ on Launch Day

Voyager Mobile

We were immediately intrigued by AllThingsD‘s story about enterprising NYU senior John Mardini’s new startup, Voyager Mobile. For one, Mr. Mardini wants to open cheap cellphone services to the public via the suddenly-popular process of reselling service on another carrier’s network.

For $19 a month, reported CNET, Voyager would give users unlimited text and calling on last year’s models of prepaid mobile phones. For $39 a month, you could get unlimited data, talk and text. As a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO, Voyager does this by spreading “its service across Sprint’s wireless backbone.”

And then there was the quote Mr.Mardini, who hails from Knoxville, gave AllThingsD: Read More

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New York Sues Sprint for Tax Fraud

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. (Getty)

Sprint, the company your Dad uses for his holstered Nextel walkie talkie, apparently thought they could get away with not paying taxes. As it turns out, the reason Sprint contracts have been so cheap in recent years is because the company has been committing tax fraud, at least according to a new lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Read More