Find the Melinda to Your Bill: Introducing Betabeat Singles


Just because you spend a startling slice of your waking life glued to a screen doesn’t mean you want a computer making complex decisions for you–particularly when it comes to your love life. Most dating enterprises operate upon sophisticated algorithms designed to match people with similar interests, but what’s lost in that digital approach is the ineffable human aspect to matchmaking, someone to look you both in the eye and make an informed match that will send so many sparks flying you’ll feel like you’re in an animated GIF posted to a teen girl’s Tumblr.

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The Pitch Season 2, Episode Nine: Edge/ – College Admissions 2.0


Jessica Brondo, Founder & CEO of Edge/, is on a mission to make her company the new face of college admissions. Having raised her own SAT score 430 points, Ms. Brondo was bit by the test prep bug and went on to develop her own proprietary curriculum. The Edge is taking that curriculum online and into public schools nationwide. Ms. Brondo aims to bridge the socioeconomic gap by leveraging technology, particularly videos, to make test prep accessible and affordable for all high school students. is the company’s newest product focusing on college admissions counseling. It analyzes a student’s data to determine their chances for being admitted to U.S. universities and offers recommendations based on each student’s history of how to boost their “admittability” score. Read More

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Ask An Expert: Meet Projective Space’s James Wahba


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Thanks for joining us last week for our first live video chat with our social media expert David Fudge, the Director of Brand Marketing at Bonobos. This week our expert, James Wahba, will be answering your questions on how to manage your real estate needs for your startup. James Wahba is the CEO and cofounder of Projective Space, a coworking community for over 60 tech startups with two New York-based coworking spaces. Projective Space’s past and present members include big name startups like Indiegogo, Eventbrite and Uber. Read More

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Welcome to Our Ask An Expert Video Series


Today Betabeat is launching “Ask An Expert,” a new video series sponsored by FedEx, where you can live chat one-on-one with leading industry experts in social media, real estate, law and brand marketing and get their advice on scaling your business.

We’re kicking it off with David Fudge, director of brand marketing for The company, which is backed by Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Nordstrom, started with the simple idea of making better-fitting pants for men and is now one of the largest online apparel brands in the U.S.  Read More