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Traders and Techies Still Using Provigil, the ‘Viagra for the Brain’

This man has no limits. (Photo: Think of a blue egg)

Provigil, the Adderall-like drug used to combat sleepiness, is experiencing a resurrgence fit for our maximum-efficiency lifestyle. Back in 2008, TechCrunch cofounder Michael Arrington penned a post about how Silicon Valley entrepreneurs were increasingly using the prescription pill to stay awake for long periods at a time and focus better. Now, New York Magazine reports Provigil is making a comeback among traders and entrepreneurs, some of whom affectionately refer to it as “Viagra for the Brain.” Read More


Comcast and South Korean Broadband Subscribers: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

U.S. Robotics 56K Modem

In New York City, our broadband internet choices are a little limited: most are stuck with Time Warner Cable’s RoadRunner subsidary, or Verizon FIOS, which—for many people—the jury’s still out on. And while we probably have the same complaints as anybody else who recieves broadband internet (sometimes, it’s slow; sometimes, it breaks; it’s stupid-expensive; etc…) we now surely have unilateral validation for at least one of these complaints: Ours simply is not the best.

That distinguishment apparently belongs to Comcast. They are Comcastic. Read More