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South Korea Finally Lets Citizens Delete Crappy Preloaded Apps

Gross! (Photo: ExtremeTech)

There’s really nothing worse than not having the ability to delete preinstalled apps on your new Android phone, huh? South Korea agrees and is banning wireless carriers from not letting customers have the ability to deleted the so-called bloatware. 

So, apps like the annoying NFL Mobile program must have an option to be deleted, but apps that are necessary (app store, customer service, etc.) can stay. Per a government-issued release obtained by ArsTechnica, the new law is to better people’s battery life and let people control the phones they rightfully own. Read More


Booting Up: It’s Devilishly Difficult to Sell Christian Video Games, Apparently

It's tough out there.

Today the NYPD will release harmless, odorless gases into several subway stations, to test how a real airborne event would unfold. What, you mean the piss smell isn’t some decades-long experiment? [New York Daily News]

The woman who oversees development of Google’s developer tools is a part-time vintner, single mom and apparent badass. (Don’t read the comments.) [Wired]

Did you know that there’s a company dedicated to making video games based on the apocalyptic Christian fiction series “Left Behind”? Apparently Satan’s been hard at work on their finances, because it’s not going to so well. [Quartz]

Pat Roberson would like a “vomit” button on Facebook, so he could accurately express his feelings about the gays. Conveniently, that would allow the rest of us to accurately express our feelings about Pat Roberston. [Huffington Post]

With the company’s ereader division losing major moola, Barnes and Noble’s digital wonderboy CEO William Lynch has resigned. You gave it your best shot, dude. [New York Times]

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Mom Was Right: Texting For Seven Hours a Day Really Does Rot Your Brain

(Photo: MNN)

We’ve always wondered whether incessant iPhone use was slowly destroying our ability to function IRL. If South Korea is any indication, it just might be.

Across the plastic-surgery-happy peninsula, some people are developing digital dementia, or “a deterioration in cognitive abilities that is more commonly seen in people who have suffered a head injury or psychiatric illness,” according to the Telegraph. Read More


Samsung Would Like Its Employees to Please Lay Off the Sauce

Artist's rendering of Samsung HQ. (Photo:

Here’s a little anecdote to throw in the face of any “brogrammer” who gets a little too self-congratulatory about his, like, totally hardcore partying, dude. Apparently, South Korean Samsung employees party so hard that the corporate overlords have had to step in.

The Next Web reports the company has launched an offensive against binge drinking. Samsung has also “banned employees from forcing others to drink, where employees would be told to take drinks down in ‘one shot’ or forced to drink as a punishment.”

Who knew Samsung HQ was so similar to a fraternity house during rush week?  Read More