On Quitting My Agency Job in NYC and Joining a Little Berlin Start-Up Called SoundCloud

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Prior to joining SoundCloud, Ms. Weise worked at The OutCast Agency with a variety of  clients, including Salesforce.com, Bump, VMware and Jawbone.

Kristina Weise recently quit her job to work as the U.S. public relations manager at SoundCloud, a Germany-based social audio-sharing platform with more than 6 million users. After traversing Europe for several weeks, she will be based in San Francisco. Here’s her take on loving and leaving the Big Apple, and her initial thoughts on Berlin’s tech culture.

On a recent solar boat tour through the city, a guide stated, “The only thing slow in Berlin is the Spree River.” He is right. There are four hundred miles of bike routes in Berlin and it seems like everyone is on one of them–zipping by you with grace and ease–not taking the lazier mass transit options. If there is one thing the Berlin tech scene has taught me so far, it’s to be even more grateful to New York City for preparing me for this pace. For this challenge. Read More