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Internet Porn Now Verboten in Egypt

My God, will they have to ban Tumblr?

The internet is for porn–unless you live in Egypt. Reuters reports that the nation’s public prosecutor has announced that, in response to a 2009 court ruling, the nation is now required to block pornographic websites.

Somewhere, Rick Santorum just perked up his ears in interest.

Reuters says:

Prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud ordered government authorities Read More

SOPA Opera

After Thumbs Down from Key Committee, ACTA is Likely Dead in the Water


It’s been losing steam for months, but the European Union’s controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement might finally be down for the count. The BBC reports that INTA, the European Parliament’s trade committee, has ruled to reject the treaty, in a vote of 19 to 12.

After the vote, lead committee member and (and crusading ACTA opponent) David Martin explained that the document was simply too vague and the sanctions seemed disproportionate. Then he got a little grandiose, as parliamentarians have been known to do: “I’m glad that civil liberties won over,” he said. Read More

Caught In The Webb

Why We Should Still Be Wary of SOPA’s Section 201

Mr. Webb.

So the troubling anti-piracy bills Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) are on the ropes, effectively dead. The celebrations have begun. It’s exciting. What a great, proud week for the internet, for democracy, and for fighting against money in our politics. But that doesn’t mean that we can let our guard down and overlook how the the bill’s defenders glossed over how SOPA and PIPA could be used to target U.S. citizens. Read More