Reddit is Taking Down Accounts That Publish the Sony Hacks

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Remember when it took nearly a week for Reddit to decide it was time to stop people from sharing stolen photos of nude celebrities? When it comes to corporate secrets, they’re much faster to act.

Reddit confirmed to Business Insider last night that they’ve complied with takedown requests from Sony. The emails went out to Reddit along with a number of news organizations threatening legal action if they continued to publish the leaked information. Read More


Booting Up: Twitter’s First Earnings Report Was Meh

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Twitter’s first public earnings report offered mixed results. Revenue jumped 116 percent from last year to $243 million, but recorded a net loss of $511 million. The number of new users it was signing up also slowed substantially. [Los Angeles Times]

Google confirmed that Susan Wojcicki is the new CEO of YouTube. She was previously the senior VP of ads and commerce for the search giant. [Variety]

Sony is dropping its Vaio computers unit as it shifts its focus to making TVs. [Recode]

You couldn’t stop watching that Budweiser puppy commercial on YouTube last week. It racked up more than 30 million views in a week. [AdWeek]

Kids were trolling @NYCSchools for not canceling class yesterday. [Daily Dot]


Booting Up: Layoffs Expected to Slam Aol’s Patch Today

Mr. Porter (

Former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter is bouncing back. He’s reportedly partnering with Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel to create a mobile entertainment startup. [Business Insider]

Layoffs are expected to hit Aol’s Patch unit today. [AllThingsD]

Square’s spacious new San Francisco headquarters supposedly has the city’s largest roof deck. [Wired]

Sony received the greenlight to stream Viacom channels on its new Internet TV service. [New York Times]

Birchbox’s ecommerce sales are on track to triple this year and it has no plans to raise additional funding. [TechCrunch]

startup rundown

Startup News: Sony’s ‘Secret’ Gaming Announcement, Vimeo Enters the GIF Game, and Outer Space Gets an App

Sony's PS4 Announcement

Sony Needs to Work On Keeping Secrets Although Sony is still only referring to it as the, “future of Playstation,” everyone knows that tonight’s press conference at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City will be for the reveal of Sony’s Playstation 4, codenamed Orbis. An image of the next generation system’s controller was Read More


Booting Up: Warped Perception Edition

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Obvious Engine’s augmented reality technology works without those funny bar codes [The Verge]

Silicon Valley startup Nicira, which raised $50 million last year, opened to the public today and announces impressive customer list including AT&T, Fidelity and eBay [Business Insider]

Ten-thousand tweets per second in the final three minutes of the Super Bowl [TechCrunch]

Sony and Panasonic expect heavy losses [Business Week]

Surprise, surprise, Facebook still has deleted photos on its servers after three years [Ars Technica]

SOPA Opera

Pot Calling the Kettle Pirate: Sony, Universal, and Fox Busted for BitTorrents


Ouhhhhhh, burn. People in SOPA-supporting Hollywood giants should stop throwing stones. Using a new site called You Have Downloaded, a Russian-based service that says it tracks about 20 percent of all public BitTorrent downloads, the fine folks at TorrentFreak took a look at IP addresses at entertainment conglomerates likes Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox Entertainment and NBC Universal to see “whether these companies hold themselves to the same standards they demand of others.”

As you might expect, that’s a giant negative. Read More


Citigroup: Hai Guys Ur Accounts Got Hacked a Month Ago K THX SRY

There seems to be an uptick in cybercrime lately, no? Some 200,000 Citibank customers had their accounts hacked at the beginning of May and are just finding out about it now, Reuters reports. Sony similarly dragged its feet when hackers gained access to an astonishing 77 million accounts in April and the company waited more than a week to tell customers their data had been compromised. The hackers got access to names, emails, account numbers and passwords, customers were notified this weekend, and Citibank has replaced cards for compromised accounts.

Citigroup joins Google and Sony in victims club,” says the headline in the International Business Times. We have a Citibank card. Can we be in the victim’s club too?