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Foursquare Isn’t Building Tablet Apps, So Sony Built One With Their API

Zuck doesn't even think tablets are mobile.


Based on Foursquare’s estimations, the iPad will no longer stand alone in the tablet race. Foursquare finally created a tablet app, but has curiously designed it exclusively for Sony’s new Tablet S and P.

The strange part is, in May, Foursquare head of product Alex Rainert said Foursquare did not have the resources to develop an iPad app and would continue to devote its resources to enhancing the iPhone app experience instead. So why would Foursquare commit resources to a new tablet, instead of the market leader?

UPDATE: Dens replied on Twitter to let us know what went down. This app wasn’t built in-house by foursquare, but by Sony, using the foursquare API and their blessing. So foursquare is more a collaborator than a creator here.  Read More