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Startup News: David Karp And Rachel Sterne Get Judgemental and Louis C.K. Inspires a Startup

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Game Over? There seems to be a mass exodus at Zynga. It was reported yesterday that Wilson Kriegel, the former chief revenue officer of Omgpop, has now left the company. In the last 30 days, the company has lost its COO, CCO, and two vice presidents. Maybe it’s time for them to “draw something” different, like a new management plan.

A New Hope? In much better Zynga news, the company has partnered with Food Network’s Robert Irvine to help beef up its Chefville game. Mr. Irvine has introduced a series of challenges to help improve the game where you run your own restaurant. “I couldn’t be more honored to have an avatar of myself and Restaurant: Impossible be a part of ChefVille,” Robert Irvine said in a press release. “As we lend insight to players on what it takes to create their dream restaurant while earning my approval.” Read More

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Sonar Adds New Features, Wants to Be Your ‘Here-Now’ Social Network

Mr. Martin just a year ago. (Photo: Getty/AOL)

The news just keeps rolling out of TechCrunch Disrupt. (Guys, please save us a few stories for next week.) debuted last year on the battlefield and came close to taking home the grand prize. Today, they’re debuting several new features with the goal of becoming your “here-now social network.” Here’s what’s new: First off, they’re adding tweet-like status messages, which’ll show up for friends and other relevant people nearby. They’re also adding notifications, so connections’ll get a ping when you show up nearby. (They’ll see your status message.) You can also now privately message someone who shows up in your vicinity. Read More

The Incubators

When Incubators Incubate: K2 Media Labs Raises $7.5 M.

Mr. Klaus, Cofounder and CEO of K2 Labs (

The New York tech scene has been flush with news of emerging incubators recently, so it’s no surprise that one lucky winner has scored a few mil to help get their projects off the ground.

K2 Labs, “a new model for early stage investing,” differentiates itself from the herd by focusing on and healthily funding just a handful of fledgling companies at once. Instead of throwing a ton of new ideas against the wall and seeing which ones stick, K2 funnels its resources into the few startups it believes in, nurturing them until they blossom into mature companies with Ivy League IPOs.

They’re the helicopter parents of incubators, if you will. Read More

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Grindr Finally Reveals “Project Amicus”! Its a Grindr for Straights. Called Blendr!


The MoLoSo (mobile local social) space is really heating up. OkCupid recently launched a mobile app to help horny folks find a little local love that they swear is the “anti-Grindr”. Betabeat already told you about Bromance, the location based network for “dudes that do”. But who better to do the anti- Grindr than the OG of spontaneous celly sex, Grindr! Read More

TechCrunch Disrupt

GetAround, An AirBnB for Cars, Wins TechCrunch Disrupt NY


The only startup to drive up to the stage, GetAround, is the winner of this week’s mega conference.

The two New York start-ups involved in the finals, Sonar and BillGuard, shared the second place runner up slot.

GetAround lets users put their car up for rent, then provides insurance and turns users iphone into the key.

Betabeat’s intrepid Adrianne Jeffries will be hitting the party scene tonight. Let her know where the action is. Read More