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Ikea Is Selling Solar Panels Because You Need to Heat Up Those Cinnamon Rolls Somehow

Loves green energy, (Photo: Ikea)

In a move sure to inspire the most infuriating direction packet in human history, Ikea is planning to sell solar panels at its British stores. The Swedish retailer, which is most commonly known for its ridiculously named coffee tables, is hoping to tap into the country’s burgeoning green energy market that apparently exists even though it’s always cloudy over there. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Researchers Discover Software Controlling Solar Power Plants Is Totally Hackable

The Sun. Totally hackable. (Flickr/DBduoPhotography)

On the heels of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta scaring the crap out of everyone regarding cyberattacks, SophosLabs’ NakedSecurity blog linked to a Homeland Security alert¬†which warns that hackers could take control of solar energy plants.

Plant administrators use the vulnerable software to control energy-generating solar plants. However the programming wasn’t written with security in mind; it’s a swiss cheese of SQL injection holes: Read More


Booting Up: Decadent Tech Party Edition

London calling. (Photo:

Turns out Twitter’s mobile ads are more engaging than Facebook’s. [VentureBeat]

Amazon is opening a new “digital media development” office in London, which is likely to focus on streaming TV.¬†Naturally, it is located in techie Shoreditch rather than the traditionally bookish environs of Charing Cross. [Telegraph]

The company arrives just in time for the tech talent wars to hit Europe. [TechCrunch]

“One industry party I attended had a jungle theme. This included a real, 600-pound tiger in a cage and a monkey that would pose for Instagram photos.” [New York Times]

Lots of users are less than thrilled about Google’s acquisition of Sparrow. [GigaOm]

Meanwhile, in cleantech: Researchers at UCLA have developed a transparent solar cell. Dare we dream of window-unit solar panels? [Engadget]