Crime and Punishment

Man Busted for Stealing Church Computer When He Tries to Disable Porn Blocking Software

Troy Ridling. (Photo: KRMG/OPD)

We don’t get the sense that Troy Ridling completely thought out his plan to steal his church’s computer to watch porn.

The setting is flyover country Oklahoma. Church employees discovered a computer (probably an old Packard Bell?) was missing, and they figured out it was an inside job since nothing was damaged and there was no sign of a break in.

It was, however, outfitted with tracking software, and so the church was notified when someone decided to take a look at some porn. Read More


Microsoft Drops Windows 8 Consumer Preview, A ‘Reimagined,’ Cloud-y, Charmed Windows

image via the Windows Experience Blog

Microsoft introduced Windows 8 Consumer Preview in Barcelona today. It’s not the final version of the system so perhaps not for the faint-of-heart when it comes to doing scary new things with your tender home PC. Still, the Consumer Preview trended for most of the morning on Twitter, which can be the modern barometer of whether something is a big deal or not.

Kent Walter, writing about the new operating system in Microsoft’s Windows Experience Blog, calls this a “reimagined” Windows: Read More