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Your Crappy Mood Is Contagious so Thanks a Lot for Tweeting About It

I'm TWEETING THIS! (Photo: Getty)

Next time you feel like venting on Twitter or Facebook about how much you hate pumpkin spice lattes (you sociopath), keep in mind that you’re polluting everyone else’s moods with that bilious ‘tude.

Computer researchers have found that angry tweets or status updates are more influential than joyful or sad missives, Technology Review reports. They studied Chinese social network Weibo to get the deets. Read More

Antisocial Media

VIPs Only: Facebook Creating Celeb-Only App to Make You Feel Even More Inadequate

Stars, they're just like us (Screengrab: Facebook)

Just in case the country’s biggest social network wasn’t stressing everyone out enough already, Facebook is now developing an app that will only be available to its most popular members.

The app would only be available to the most important of Facebook VIPs, All Things D reports, and would enable stars (read: probably their flaks) to “quickly respond to fans on the fly, and become a part of the conversation,” which also sounds pretty stressful. Read More

Group Chat

Facebook Tests Chat Room Feature Perfect For Tween Cyberbullying

You can't sit with us.

Have a hankering for the sluggish simplicity of Web 1.0? Facebook is here to sate your cravings with a “new” chat room feature reminiscent of ’90s AOL, according to a report from TechCrunch.

Facebook is testing the feature now with a small amount of users, TechCrunch reports. It would enable people to host chats revolving around topics, events, projects or nothing at all. Any of the host’s friends can join the chat without being invited. Read More


Linkedin Makes It Even Easier To Find Out Who’s Stalking You

Photo: Udi Milo

If all social networks were members of your family, Linkedin might be the boring uncle who talks about the inner workings of his accounting job at parties. Solid career advice, but you’re not exactly craving hourly updates.

But Linkedin has one feature that sets it apart from its online brethren — the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” page, which provides users with a list of their social media stalkers. Read More


IAC-Backed Social Journaling Service Proust To Close the Last Page In Its Diary


Just because entrepreneurs have an unending well of inspiration for intimate social networks doesn’t mean that users—or revenues—follow. Proust, the social diary service launched by IAC back in July, told users via email today that the site will close on January 31. The company, which tried to emphasize sharing deep, personal memories with close friends and family, offered a data export tool for any content that may have been uploaded, reports AllThingsD.

Proust started in beta in 2010. Since then, however, features like the ability to visualize one’s life history as a timeline, have been adopted by another social network you may have heard something about one time. Read More

Social Networking

The Smallest Social Network Ever? Ourspot is Sharing Built for Two!


A startup called Ourspot launched in beta today with a novel proposition: Take Path’s 50-person limit and cut it down to size. Like way down.

The network lets couples or close friends privately share links and content with each other that also serves “as a document of a relationship,” (yup, singular) says AllThingsD’s Liz Gannes. And there you were thinking they’d run out of ideas for social networks! Read More