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Call Me Einstein Because Twitter Is Actually Making People Smarter, Science Says

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Some scientific evidence has finally proven what we at Betabeat have known for eons: typing away at your iPhone or laptop all day makes you smart. Like, really smart.

Haters and those fearful of change like to clutch their pearls over the idea that the omnipresence of technology and social media makes people dumber. Check the noun-verb agreement in that last sentence and you’ll realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, the spotty youths of today can “write and think far better than in the past,” The Globe and Mail asserts. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Looking to Bang? Try Twitter

The apex of teendom, sexting at the mall. (Photo: Getty images)

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and texting add layers of excitement (read: constant stress and uncertainty) to any budding relationship–and according to a new study, they also help couples get down to business in less time than their parents did.

Back in the day, there used to be something called the “three-day rule,” whereby a potential paramour would pretend not to want to talk to his or her new love interest for three days after their first date, the Telegraph reports. Read More

So College

Students Actually Convincing Colleges to Let Them Major in Tweeting

Imagine the shit show this guy's Instagram would have been.

Usually, when your rich uncle mansplains how to become a successful lawyer/banker/doctor/midlife-crisis-haver at Thanksgiving dinner every year, he will counsel you, “Don’t major in underwater basket-weaving or English, whatever you do.”

Well, there might be a new joke major in town, joining the Communicationses and Philosophies and Anthropologies before it: social media. Read More

Antisocial Media

Celebrate Labor Day by Cyber-Stalking Your Ex With This Handy New Program

Being mean. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have offered users the ability to tag their locations with each new post for a while now–and one group of researchers has created a tool that will allow people to use that information to their advantage by stalking the shit out of friends and arch nemeses alike.

The researchers say the point of the “Ready or Not” program is to point out to #teens that, duh dummies, people can read your geotags and follow you around simply by entering your username into an online program, according to Gigaom. Read More

Body Hackers

One Day Your Skin Could Be Your Smartphone

(Photo: Someya-Sekitani Group)

We’re all such smartphone addicts at this point, a misplaced phone results in panic for most people under 30. Thankfully, a team of researchers are working to rectify the issue of temporary 3G loss by creating bionic skin that doubles as a smartphone.

The researchers, based in Tokyo, stumbled upon the cybernetic skin kind of by accident, Dvice reports. They were trying to create skin for robots that would allow them to feel pressure and temperature. Read More

Survey Says

It’s (Not) Complicated: Nearly Half of Adults Use Social Media to Solidify Breakups

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Research has officially confirmed what we all subconsciously knew to be true: that we rely on Facebook to confirm our break-ups because we’re too cripplingly insecure to break things off for good in the physical world.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, nobody really means it when they say they “still want to stay friends” with an ex, at least when it comes to Facebook. Read More

Sext and the City Jail

Alabama Parents Think the Best Way to Handle Teen Sexting Is to Report It to the Cops

(LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Sexting is a new phenomenon, and some parents are treating it the way adults throughout history have treated the fact that some teens have sex lives–by freaking out and punishing young people with slut-shaming and teen sex witch hunts.

A report from USA Today says that cops in Prattville, Ala., deal with “a sexting-related issue” about once every two weeks, which means, yes, parents are actually bothering the cops with this issue. Read More

Antisocial Media

Science Says Facebook FOMO Is Real, Makes People Feel Like Crap

:( (Photo: Fav IM)

It’s official: Facebook reduces young people’s sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, BBC reports. Phew, we thought we were the only ones who felt a rush of inadequacy whenever perusing the site.

A study tracked participants for two weeks, and “adds to a growing body of research saying Facebook can have negative psychological consequences,” BBC reports. The site is supposed to make people feel more connected, but the findings suggest it does the opposite. Read More

Antisocial Media

VIPs Only: Facebook Creating Celeb-Only App to Make You Feel Even More Inadequate

Stars, they're just like us (Screengrab: Facebook)

Just in case the country’s biggest social network wasn’t stressing everyone out enough already, Facebook is now developing an app that will only be available to its most popular members.

The app would only be available to the most important of Facebook VIPs, All Things D reports, and would enable stars (read: probably their flaks) to “quickly respond to fans on the fly, and become a part of the conversation,” which also sounds pretty stressful. Read More