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Cameo Will Now Let You Convince Your Parents You’re A Professional Videographer

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Last October marked the launch of Cameo, an app that lets you edit your crappy, amateur smartphone footage into high-def, professional-quality videos, and share them with your friends and followers. The app has reported big success in its first three months of life, proving that maybe there’s actually a market for videos that aren’t just shaky thirty-second shots of cats freaking out over printers. Read More

Spotty Youths

Colleges Now Stalking Applicants’ Social Media Profiles to Gauge How Terrible They Are

Imagine the shit show this guy's Instagram would have been.

Hey high school seniors, are you stressed enough? College admissions officers sure don’t think so. The New York Times is spreading the word that in addition to scouring your grades, test scores and every move since kindergarten, your dream school’s nosy sentries are probably stalking you on Twitter right this minute.

The Times‘s story starts with an anecdote about a young lady who didn’t get into Bowdoin after she live tweeted an information session, mocking the other attendees all the while. Unbelievably, she used her real name and Bowdoin’s name in the tweets. “It was incredibly unusual and foolish of her to do that,” the school’s dean of admissions, Scott A. Meiklejohn, told the Times. Read More

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Social Media Expert Katy Perry Has Some Advice About Your Tweeting

Gets it. (Photo: Facebook.)

Do you ever draft a tweet but wonder to yourself “Oh, I don’t know about this one, but I wish Katy Perry was here to help me?” Well, if that’s keeping you wide awake, you can now rest easy because the singer-cum-social media ninja has released her guidelines on proper Internet usage.

In a something (guess we’ll call it an interview?) with USA Today the sparkly bb said her millions of followers have taught her to the proper way to “tame that social media dragon” that comes roaring out of all of us. Read More

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Get a Sneak Peek of the New Nars Line on Snapchat (If You Can Locate Their Account)

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Orgasm-blush-inventor Nars is rolling out a new makeup collection at noon today via Snapchat–which is cool, if you can figure out how to follow them on the app.

We at Betabeat know our way around most social media platforms, especially self-destructing-selfie-app Snapchat. But finding Nars or any other brand on the app is tougher than evading unwanted dick pics. When we tried to search for Narsissist, it didn’t look like the account existed. We were able to add it anyway, but it didn’t have any top friends and didn’t appear to be a real account. Read More