#MemorialDay: Today’s Worst Social Media Marketing Fails

Let's all try to remember what Memorial Day is really about. (Wikimedia Commons)

Memorial Day is a time to give thanks to the brave Americans who serve our country, and honor those who’ve fallen in the line of duty. But sadly, the national holiday has also become a vehicle for companies to promote their brands on social media. Ugh.

Disturbingly, we’ve seen it plenty of times before — most recently on MLK day, when companies callously advertised themselves using #MLK on Twitter. Sure, using hashtags like #MLK, #VeteransDay or #MemorialDay hugely increases the viewership of a tweet, but we still don’t get why companies think it’s okay to capitalize on what should be a solemn day of national remembrance. Read More

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Joining LinkedIn: Costing People Their Jobs?

How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn

Social platforms being given rise to the point where if you’re not on one people look at you like ‘For real?’ has also resulted in a rise in social networking flubs, the kind born of avoidable sheer stupidity resulting in people being convicted of crimes, cheating on spouses (and being caught), and of course, losing their jobs. So: What ridiculously avoidable act of sheer stupidity did 34 year-old John Flexman do on LinkedIn to lose his job?

He joined it. Read More