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Cheapskates Lindsay Lohan, Neil Patrick Harris Get $10 Every Time You Use Their Uber Promo Codes

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We at Betabeat are avid followers of Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter feed. After all, you never know what you might find there.

So when we saw a LiLo tweet promoting taxicab disrupter Uber’s services and offering a promo code, we just had to know: was this the result of an official partnership between the startup and the star, or was Lindsay up to something shady? Read More

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Snoop Lion Now Has an App, But It’s Instagram He Really Loves

A card from the Reincarnated Track Notes app.

“I’m still Snoop Dogg. Snoop Lion is an extension of Snoop Dogg. He’s the fine-tuned Snoop Dogg, the perfection of Snoop Dogg in so many words.”

The fine-tuned version of Snoop Dogg showed up an hour late to last night’s panel at the Soho Apple Store. Given that he’s Snoop, though, that’s basically the same as being on time. When he finally strolled onstage, he was wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, despite the warm spring weather. Also, sunglasses. At 9 p.m., inside the Apple Store.

He wore them the whole time.  Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Eric Schmidt’s BlackBerry Problem, a Foursquare Stalker & Sheryl Sandberg’s Frenemy


If your week was as hellish hectic as ours, you must be in need of a stiff drink. Pour yourself a cocktail and get comfy: here comes this week’s rumor roundup.

Step Away from the Crackberry! In case you missed all the Instagrams, Mayor Bloomberg performed some titillating acts of Startup Theatre on the stage at Gracie Mansion Tuesday night. The crème of tech society, including MakerBot’s Bre Pettis, General Assembly’s Adam Brimer, Yipit founder Vinny Vacanti, Google trends & insights editor Caroline McCarthy, Sailthru’s Aubrey Sabala, chief digital officer Rachel Sterne Haot and her husband, LiveStream founder Max Haot, gathered on the lawn for canapés and cocktails to celebrate NYC Connects 2012.

To enhance his usual Silicon Alley cheerleading, Mr. Bloomberg opted for props on the podium, like an array of Warby Parker sunglasses and a Seamless delivery guy, who shlepped takeout up on stage. The spotlight was enough to lure Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky out of Twitter hiding. Besides one of the guests complaining about a scripted “Hello world” joke that fell short, everyone seemed to eat up the promotional opportunities. Read More

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Mark Zuckerberg Looking Awkward Next to Celebrities

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Zuck with Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan

You know what happens when you get rich and famous? Suddenly, you get to hang out with all the other rich and famous people (and take pictures, and post them on–of course–Facebook). And given that he’s instantly recognizable, runs a hugely popular website, and has the net worth of a minor petroleum scion, Mark Zuckerberg is a member in good standing of this club. But here’s the thing–unlike movie stars and musicians and politicians, it’s safe to say Mr. Zuckerberg didn’t get where he is today on his charisma.

Hence, he spends a lot of time taking pictures with other famous people, looking awkward. Let us demonstrate, because it is a summer Friday and none of you were working anyway.

In the meantime, Mark, chill out. You are making us nervous.


The 5 Types of People You Meet on Airtime


Airtime, the Sean & Shawn bred startup that launched earlier this week, has slowly grown on us. Our initial reaction was in line with the majority of the Internet’s: “Okay, it’s Chatroulette without penises.” But the more we’ve used the service, the more its benefits for networking, flirting and stymying boredom have revealed themselves.

But the thing is, since the site hasn’t really hit critical mass yet, you tend to run into the same types of people over and over again. They’re almost always very nice, but in our experience, they also almost always fall into one of the below five categories. Read More

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Totally Random Group of Celebs Appearing at Airtime Event

Mr. Parker (flickr.com/mager)

Airtime, the super stealth video startup from Napster cofounders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, is launching at a press event this morning at Milk Studios in NYC, and celebrities on Twitter are apparently really, really excited about it. It’s perhaps unsurprising, though, considering the company that Shawn & Sean are used to keeping: Airtime’s investors include Ashton Kutcher, will.i.am and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. But who knew Martha Stewart was so plugged in to the startup scene? Perhaps Nick Bilton was right about tech being the new Hollywood.

We, too, are looking forward to the launch of Airtime, but could Sean & Shawn maybe fix their website first? Read More