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Japanese Inventor Creates Drone-Powered Quidditch Snitch

Yer a wizard, Harry. (Photo via

Dust off your Gryffindor cloak, because real-life Quidditch is one step closer to being a reality.

A Japanese inventor has created the Hoverball, a device that comes about as close to being a Golden Snitch as human technology possibly can. It’s a quadcopter wrapped in ball-shaped wiring, capable of floating, swerving and spinning. It’s technically a drone, so this is one more point for the “benign drone use” team (which doesn’t really stand a chance against drone abusers). Read More

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LulzSec Leader Sabu ‘Literally Worked Around the Clock’ To Snitch On His Fellow Hackers

via Fox News

Now that court documents have been unsealed, new details have emerged about Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as LulzSec leader “Sabu” whose cooperation with the FBI helped facilitate an international raid on his top deputies earlier this week. Apparently in addition to being kind of a crappy neighbor, prone to noisy wrestling and rapping at the Jacob Riis housing projects on the Lower East Side, Mr. Monsegur was also a pretty willing informant.

Authorities were particularly careful about sealing documents related to Mr. Monsegur’s arrest, noting that many LulzSec members knew his real identity and that hackers monitor public court dockets (how diligent!) and “dox” suspected government informants. Read More