Survey Says

Survey: Using Your Smartphone Before Bed Causes a ‘Hangover’ the Next Day

Picture a kill switch on this. (Photo: Twitter)

At this point, we’re all but convinced that our smartphones are out to kill us. Another nail in our coffin comes from a study that claims using your Dots-equipped device before bed can make you feel “hungover” the next day.

According to researchers from Michigan State University, people who used their phones for business purposes after 9 P.M. saw their energy and productivity levels decrease the next day partly because the phone’s blue light messes with their melatonin levels. Read More

Growing up

New Moms Use Their Smartphones More Than Other Adults Do Because They’re Imprisoned by Diapers

Ugh homegirl, we have anxiety FOR you. (

For most millennials, the idea of having children is terrifying enough without any scientific data. Giving up on Netflix binges and our pert little kale-nourished bodies in favor of making sure a screaming blob of meat doesn’t die on us? Um, no thanks.

So this new study is either a point in favor of reproduction, or a point against it, depending on how you feel about smartphone addiction. Research sponsored by AOL has determined that new moms use their smartphones more than any other adults do, the Los Angeles Times reports. Read More

The Youngs

Call Me Einstein Because Twitter Is Actually Making People Smarter, Science Says

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Some scientific evidence has finally proven what we at Betabeat have known for eons: typing away at your iPhone or laptop all day makes you smart. Like, really smart.

Haters and those fearful of change like to clutch their pearls over the idea that the omnipresence of technology and social media makes people dumber. Check the noun-verb agreement in that last sentence and you’ll realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, the spotty youths of today can “write and think far better than in the past,” The Globe and Mail asserts. Read More

Body Hackers

One Day Your Skin Could Be Your Smartphone

(Photo: Someya-Sekitani Group)

We’re all such smartphone addicts at this point, a misplaced phone results in panic for most people under 30. Thankfully, a team of researchers are working to rectify the issue of temporary 3G loss by creating bionic skin that doubles as a smartphone.

The researchers, based in Tokyo, stumbled upon the cybernetic skin kind of by accident, Dvice reports. They were trying to create skin for robots that would allow them to feel pressure and temperature. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Bratty Couples Ban Tech at Their Weddings Because They Aren’t Getting Enough Attention Already

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas at their hobbit wedding (via Business Insider)

When people aren’t paying attention to you, the best course of action is to enact strict rules that force them to look at you. At least, that seems to be the thought process of couples who are banning technology from their weddings, which is a trend now, CBS Miami reports.

Brides and grooms are banning phones not only during their wedding ceremonies, but also during the reception, when people are supposed to be having so much fun they don’t need to text. If your wedding reception doesn’t get Vined, Instagrammed and tweeted these days, though, did it even happen? Read More

Kim Jong Ummm

North Korea Invents Most Supreme “Hand Phone”

Kim Jong Un could def use some mushroom drink — he's looking fatigued. (Photo: Getty)

Pretty much the only way North Korea could be more prosperous and legit would be to get in on the smartphone game, so Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un recently visited a factory to give the new Arirang “hand phone” his blessing.

Some party poopers (“experts”) doubt that any such mobile devices are actually being created in North Korea, SkyNews points out, and believe that China may be manufacturing the Arirang before shipping it to North Korea.  Read More