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Nest Halts Sale of ‘Smart’ Smoke Detectors After Finding They Might Not Detect Smoke

A cartoon rendering of the Nest Protect smoke alarm. (Facebook)

Nest, the Google-owned company that makes smart smoke alarms and thermostats, is disabling a feature on its Nest Protect smoke alarms after realizing it could be dangerous in the event of a fire. They’re also halting sales of all new smoke alarms until the problem is fixed.

In a recent blog post, Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell explained that Nest Wave — a feature that allows Nest Protect smoke alarm users to turn off their alarms by waving their hand — could pose great dangers in the event of a real fire. What if a user unintentionally waved her hand in front of her Nest Protect smoke alarm, just moments before a fire started in her home? Read More

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AT&T Wants You to Trust Them with Your Burglar Alarm

Artist's rendering. (

Smartphone sales aren’t going to grow indefinitely, and carriers are starting to look around for new lines of business. Hence, down south in New Orleans, at the annual CTIA wireless conference, AT&T just announced its plans to expand into home security. Yes, you read that right.

PC Mag has details. AT&T will install and monitor the system, but users will also be able to watch and remotely fiddle with things like their door locks, thermostats, and CO2 detectors. (Actually, that sounds like a good way to keep tabs on the cat from one’s work computer. Just a thought.) Why go with AT&T instead of market leader ADT, which you might recognize from their mildly terrifying old commercials? According to the company: Read More