Hacking the Hurricane

An Inside Look at How New York’s Masters of Disruptions Stepped Up to Help with Hurricane Relief

The scene at Secret Clubhouse. (Photo: Tumblr)

Late last week, Betabeat took a two-hour trip via interborough bus to Secret Clubhouse, a newly launched Williamsburg coworking spot. The shared office (decorated with vintage Apples and a motley assortment of posters) was packed with techies typing away on the laptops, but the vibe was no more panicked than that of an undergraduate library in the earliest days of reading period.

Nearby, permanent residents Small Girls PR were hashing out wardrobing details for the upcoming “Tech Homecoming” fundraiser and upending their desks in search of a missing checkbook. The occasional burst of laughter filtered from the back, and every so often someone would look up with a piece of news gleaned from Twitter. But quiet largely reigned.

The only obvious sign of extraordinary circumstances was a sign on the wall, handwritten grade-school-binder style: “Sandy Shelter,” it said, with a Wifi login and the message of support, “we <3 u.” Read More

Summer Jamz

We Know What You Did This Summer

35 Photos

Dennis Crowley

It’s hard to be heads down when it’s hot out. Exhortations to “just keep shipping” trigger fantasies of sailboats; Friday afternoon happy hours just aren’t as appealing as sangria on a terrace in Spain. Besides–is there any surer sign of a healthy startup sector than tech stars taking lavish vacations? Read More

Email Press Release Factory

Who Else Is Riding the Wave of Tech’s Economic Success? PR Firms!

The email press release factory. (flickr.com/mcaven)

Internet startups are rapidly earning—nay, fortifying—their reputations as engines of the economy, veritable job-growing trees, the answer to the nation’s loss of its manufacturing sector and attendant morale. And while it’s not exactly true that web startups make jobs rain down from the sky, it is true that startups create jobs with even the most modest success. Raise a seed round, and suddenly you, your cofounder and a lawyer have work. Raise more money and the effect is amplified. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumors & Acquisitions: We’re Going to Be TV Stars!


We’re getting in trouble for our un-SEO optimized rumor roundup headlines, but perhaps we can get away with just one more. It’s important because reality TV is truly descending upon start-up land! Behold:

MINI-SERIES. We heard the Makery-based start-up PR shoppe Small Girls are getting a reality show! They’re at least going to have camera people following them around! We pinged to ask. “It’s still pretty hush-hush,” petite publicist Bianca Caampued told Betabeat by email. “We’re still in the very early stages of filming our sizzle reel and our producer shopping it to networks, so we can’t talk about it on internet land yet.” Happily, Ms. Caampued and petite pal Mallory Blair were pretty cool about our rumormongering. “We’re also actually shooting a segment for another show on Bravo next week, in my closet,” Ms. Caampued said. Wee! What should they should call the show? The Mini-est Marketers? The Littlest Flacks? Prometheus? Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumors & Acquisitions: Quickly Now


Our hero is on deadline, so here’s a quick rumor roundup.

RUMORS OF THE DIRECTORY’S DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED. That $5 paid directory Tumblr rolled out and then abruptly pulled? They’re revamping it. The directory sold out too quickly, for one thing, said CEO David Karp, so the next iteration will have a bidding component and more niche categories. “It was incredibly rudimentary the first time around,” he said. He predicts the new directory will be out within a month. [Tumbeast joke here.] Read More