The Rich Are Different

‘Private School Snaps’ Make Rich Kids of Instagram Look Like Paupers

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We can't be mad at them when they look this dapper.  (Photo via

When it comes to the upper crust, the British are known for being much more tasteful than their flashy, nouveau riche American counterparts.

Well, this new Snapchat trend could help topple the Brits from their self-satisfied perch. It turns out rich English kids love conspicuous consumption just as much as American teens do; they just also get to live in castles. No fair. Read More

Expert Thoughts

How 3D Printing Is Bringing An Ancient Art Form Back to the Future

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(Photo via Joe Carr)

On my desk sits a small marble bust of the emperor Marcus Aurelius. It was carved in 1840, twenty years before Matthew Arnold’s famous essay about the philosopher king, but a thousand and a half years after the great man walked on earth.

Marcus and the other stoics would say that these years matter very little in the grand scope of time. That between then and now, people have done the same thing they’ve always done: lived, died, slept, cheated, hated, loved, excelled, failed and on and on. Read More

Tech for the Holidays

10 High-Tech Gifts For Your Facebook-Lovin’ Dad This Father’s Day

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For the nostalgic dad who still insists that everything sounds better on vinyl, there's this Bluetooth Gramophone. This gadget maintains the vintage feel of a horn speaker while wirelessly connecting to your modern music devices. (Photo via Cool Material)

Before you go reaching for that computer-themed necktie, we have a collection of high-tech gifts that would make any dad exclaim, “Neat-o!”

They’re unique, useful and even whimsical. Among them are everything from 21st century versions of your dad’s favorite old-time technology to T-shirts for showing off their techie pride.

Because what better way to spend the Read More

Internet Dumb

Two-Way Picnic Table Bibs and Nine Other Dumb Gadgets the Internet Cared About This Year

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Caution: this first invention is only recommended for the fanciest of dates.  If you're taking your SO out on a picnic, leave, I repeat LEAVE, your picnic blanket at home. And don't you dare consider sitting at a table meant for picnicking either. Do, however, use this two-person bib. The accumulating crumbs are sure to spark wonderful conversation (Screengrab: YouTube).

Yesterday, we stumbled across an article describing the two-way picnic table bib: a bizarre portable table that two diners can suspend between their necks.

Yes, weird gadgets like this exist — inventions that fall under the category of “most likely useless,” “this is actually making things more complicated,” and “please make it stop.”

For Read More

Dating: The Final Frontier

Here Are the Anonymous Mating Calls of the 12 Creepiest Techies at Internet Week

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Is there anything more tragic than locking eyes with the cutest tech nerd at the conference, only to lose sight of them in the midst of all the miniature drones and robot demos?

Long lost lovers of the tech world are in luck. The new service In Real Life, Baby (#irlbb) allows people to anonymously tweet at their Internet Week missed connections. Read More