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After Facebook, SecondMarket Seeks to Educate Investors on the Next Big Things


So you never managed to get your hands on any Facebook shares ahead of the social media giant’s IPO, and given some of the prices paid in the secondary markets, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

You’re fascinated by the rapid advances in health care IT, maybe, intrigued by the notion that thousands of startups will be taking advantage of mobile, or big data, to disrupt the incumbent players—incumbents with deep pockets to buy up the most promising entries.

Ah, but where to start. You’re not a venture capitalist, you’re just an accredited investor looking for the kinds of outsized returns that stocks and bonds aren’t getting. Read More


OMG Stephan Paternot is Back

Mr. Paternot: ready for his closeup.

Stephan “Got the Girl, Got the Money, Now I’m Ready to Live a Disgusting, Frivolous Life” Paternot is back, VentureBeat reports, in an astounding blast from the past with a new startup, Slated, an AngelList for film productions (Barry Silbert likes it!). To recall, Mr. Paternot was the founder of a sort of proto-Facebook, theglobe, which set a record for the biggest first-day stock gain on Wall Street at the time, popping up close to $1 billion. Today, theglobe.com is a shell company with no significant assets or operations, and has no significant source of revenue. Funny how that happens. Read More