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EA Is Even Less Popular Than Bank of America, Which Is Pretty Bad

Could've gone better.

Does anything rouse anger quite like gaming? Consumerist has just concluded its tournament for the worst company in America, and for the second year in a row, Electronic Arts took the top spot. That means Consumerist readers hate EA even worse than Bank of America, a company that’ll basically pick your pocket if you let your bank balance drop below a certain threshold. It wasn’t even close: 78 percent of voters picked EA. Read More

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Good News, Fellow Nerds: SimCity Is Coming to Facebook


It was an essential element of any nerdy childhood, and now it can be a part of your nerdy adulthood, because SimCity is coming to Facebook. Finally, a solution for those of us who’ve switched to Macs but miss spending Sunday afternoons planning digital cities. PC Mag reports that Electronic Arts and Facebook are collaborating on the creation of SimCity Social. It’s currently in closed beta, but according to a statement will launch “soon.” “Soon”? What does that mean? Electronic Arts, we need a date we can put on our calendar. Work with us here.

We just hope EA doesn’t completely gut the experience in the interest of optimizing for the sale of virtual goods. It’s hard to tell from the details provided how different the social incarnation will look:

In player-driven SimCity Social, cities evolve based on user choice, allowing creative freedom by the “mayor,” or player. The game mirrors true life, forcing unforeseen issues like fires, crime, and pollution, and allows social interaction by visiting friends’ cities and using them as resources to complete tasks in your world.

Also, is it our over-active imagination, or do the good folks behind SimCity sound a little offended by the success of Cityville, Zynga’s pale imitation of a classic?  Read More