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Why 500 Startups Decided to Launch an NYC Coworking Space and Not an Accelerator


Shai Goldman, a venture partner at 500 Startups, recently announced another sign of the seed stage fund’s growing interest in New York City–besides poaching a Silicon Alley stalwart like Mr. Goldman, of course. This February, the firm plans on opening a coworking office at 28th Street and Park Avenue in the Flatiron, not far from General Assembly.

500 Startups is known for its global focus. The only physical space the firm had up until New York was a corporate office in Mountain View, “which is where we run our accelerator throughout the year,” Mr. Goldman told Betabeat by phone. But 500 Startups opted for a different route here.  Read More


Booting Up: No More IPOs For You Edition


Twitter aired its first ever TV commercial yesterday–during a NASCAR race. [AllThingsD]

Everything you wanted to know about the @Sweden Twitter account: “I wanted to show that I’m often kind of immature and often kind of stupid and so is this country, and I bet you are, too, and so are a lot of people around the world.” Think Mayor Bloomberg would let us do something like this? [New York Times]

There is now a Silicon Valley Bank in the U.K. for just technology investments. Discuss bubble implications as you wish. [BBC]

Google is shutting down Meebo messenger: be still my 8th grade heart. []

Facebook’s user growth is slowing, which cannot be good for the company’s already-battered stock. [Wall Street Journal]

No one wants to IPO now that Facebook’s went so terribly. [Wall Street Journal]

For your morning rage blackout: Ellen Pao is obviously lying because her husband has sued people before. [New York Post]