Ride or Die

Hailo’s Now Approved for the TLC’s Taxi App Pilot, But Sidecar Sure Isn’t

Look out, Jay! (Photo: screencap)

Guess the Taxi and Limousine Commission is willing to let bygones be bygones. Last week, Hailo launched a “beta test” of its ehail app; almost as quickly, the TLC said that actually Uber was the only company that’d officially been accepted into the pilot program, meaning Hailo had no clearance to operate. But at a TechCrunch Disrupt panel this morning, CEO Jay Bregman announced they’ve got the go-ahead and will begin operations today.

He got a couple of minutes to shine, calling for a round of applause for the TLC, before the panel turned into a tiff between the TLC’s Ashwini Chhabra and Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul. Read More

Ride or Die

Uber’s New Policy on Ridesharing: We’ll Start Doing It, as Long as Our Competitors Aren’t Caught


Today, Uber CEO bestowed unto the world a white paper on ridesharing. And in classic Uber fashion, the policy finds a workaround to traditional law-abiding. The company says it will launch the service if it sees its competitors (Lyft, Sidecar, etc.) operating for 30 days with “tacit approval” from law officials, i.e. if no one gets in trouble.

The San Francisco-based company said its decision was formed after seeing its ridesharing competitors circumvent laws by providing “non-licensed transportation for compensation.” Uber’s core business of being “everyone’s private driver” has caught flak from several cities for operating a livery company without official approval. Read More

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Startup News: Spotify Reminds Us That Music is Awesome and Taxi Companies Hate Losing Money/E-Hailing Apps


Spotify Finds Its Voice If you didn’t know that music is great, Spotify’s new commercial is going to make sure you know it. The online music distributor’s first foray into TV advertisements premiered Monday during NBC’s The Voice, featuring a person enjoying the best crowd surf ever accompanied by a monologue on the general awesomeness of Read More