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This App Lets You Scalp Your Dinner Reservation

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It used to be that if you wanted to start an underground cronut delivery racket, you’d have to do it through craigslist. But now there’s Shout, an app where you can find not only cronuts at the insane price of $30 a pop, but reservations and tickets for top restaurants and shows in NYC.

Shout is a marketplace for “spots,” which just means any commodity attached to your name: a train ticket, a place on a line, or a dinner reservation. If you’ve put down your credit card for a reservation, or can’t get a refund on a ticket, you’d hop on Shout to see who wants it.

The app was inspired by a hypothetical question the cofounders had on their way to an airport: how much would it cost to convince someone to give up their seat on a plane? Read More