Delivery From Inconvenience

New Shipping App Means You Never Have to Deal With the Post Office Again

Look how seemingly fun and easy it is to ship things now! (Shyp)

We know it’s a total #millennialproblem, but mailing stuff is really hard — especially objects that aren’t letters. You have to find the right-sized box, haul it to the post office, and then wait in line for the person behind the desk to inevitably yell at you when she discovers you wrote the return address in the wrong place. The whole thing is really traumatizing, if you ask us.

But starting today, you can download Shyp, an app that takes all the headache out of the package mailing process. All you have to do is take a photo of the item you want to mail, and specify where you’d like it to go. Shyp takes care of the rest. They’ll immediately send somebody to your home or office to package your shipment and transport it to Shyp’s warehouse, from which point it’ll be sent off on its merry way with the appropriate shipping carrier. Shyp will even deal with all the customs stuff, if you’re sending something internationally. Read More

Guest Post

What Your Culture Really Says: The Toxic Lies Afoot in Silicon Valley

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This is a guest post by Shanley Kane. It was originally published on her blog Pretty Little State Machine and is republished here with her permission. Ms. Kane works in product management and enterprise software in San Francisco and is interested in culture studies, the developer community and television for fun. You can (and should!) follow her on Twitter here

Toxic lies about culture are afoot in Silicon Valley. They spread too fast as we take our bubble money and designer Powerpoints to drinkups, conferences and meetups all over the world, flying premium economy, ad nauseam. Well-intentioned darlings south of Market wax poetic on distributed teams, office perks, work/life balance, passion, “shipping”, “iteration,” “freedom.” A world of startup privilege hides blithely unexamined underneath an insipid, self-reinforcing banner of meritocracy and funding. An economic and class-based revolt of programmers against traditional power structures within organizations manifests itself as an (ostensively) radical re-imagining of work life. But really, you should meet the new boss. Hint: he’s the same as the old boss.

The monied, celebrated, nuevo-social, 1% poster children of startup life spread the mythology of their cushy jobs, 20% time, and self-empowerment as a thinly-veiled recruiting tactic in the war for talent against internet giants. The materialistic, viral nature of these campaigns have redefined how we think about culture, replacing meaningful critique with symbols of privilege. The word “culture” has become a signifier of superficial company assets rather than an ongoing practice of examination and self-reflection. Read More


Amazon Creeps Ever Closer to Same-Day Delivery

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

Living in New York has convinced us it’s perfectly acceptable to order almost anything for delivery. The other day, we seriously considered a Seamless order from Coldstone Creamery, until the spectre of gout forced us to reconsider. But there’s still plenty of time-sensitive things that require us to leave our apartments, like a beach umbrella for tomorrow’s trip to the Rockaways or an emergency bag of cat litter.

Well, good news, shut-ins! The Financial Times reports that Amazon is working on a plan to get you that carton of Fancy Feast just as fast as possible. Think same-day delivery. Fluffy will be ecstatic.  Read More