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Google Pretends It’s Facebook, Launches a Neutral Share Button Minus the +1

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 12.54.57 PM

Yesterday, Google launched another salvo in the attempt to make itself as relevant for social sharing as Facebook. Rather than use Google’s existing “+1″ button, which lets you automatically share content to your Google+ profile and publicly +1 something in Google results, the new “Google+” button lets you share without the implicit endorsement of a plus sign. It solves the problem of sharing something without indicating your approval.

But here’s the problem with that problem. It assumes you care–at all, in any way shape or form–about what shows up on Google+ or Google’s social search. Sure, Facebook users have been asking for an alternative to “like” or “recommend,” because they use Facebook. The only time we hit the Google+ share button is when it’s something too menial to share on Facebook. In other words, it’s not worth bugging your friends over, but you wouldn’t mind spamming the South Asian strangers who for some reason decided to put you in a circle (hello, Kuala Lumpur!) or for a little icon of your face to show up in the search results. Read More