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Way Back in 2004, TheFacebook.com Offered to Out You to Advertisers

Mr. Saverin (therichest.org)

Nowadays Facebook is very cautious around the third rail that is sexual orientation. Sure, there’s a timeline icon just for gay marriage, but the company won’t serve up ladies seeking ladies to advertisers. But that wasn’t always the case.

Digiday has gotten its hands on an interesting piece of Internet history: the social network’s very first pitch to advertisers, from way back in spring 2004. The site was still thefacebook.com, it was only available on select college campuses, Peter Thiel hadn’t invested yet and that random dude was still chilling in the upper lefthand corner.

However, Eduardo Saverin was already talking up the site’s biggest advantage: data, and the targeting that allows advertisers to do. Read More