Sext and the City Jail

Alabama Parents Think the Best Way to Handle Teen Sexting Is to Report It to the Cops

(LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Sexting is a new phenomenon, and some parents are treating it the way adults throughout history have treated the fact that some teens have sex lives–by freaking out and punishing young people with slut-shaming and teen sex witch hunts.

A report from USA Today says that cops in Prattville, Ala., deal with “a sexting-related issue” about once every two weeks, which means, yes, parents are actually bothering the cops with this issue. Read More

XXX in Tech

If You’ve Ever Sent a Dickpic, It Could End Up in a Bushwick Art Gallery Without Your Consent

I said SEXTING, not selfies.

Four women have banded together to take the stash of dick pics they received over the summer and channel them into art (as long as you consider a blurry, up-close shot of a penis art). Vice reports that the show, entitled “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix,” will be like a walkabout of NYC penises, with 300 dickpix framed and featured at a Brooklyn gallery. Read More

Sext and the City

Sorry, Not Sorry: Millennial Couples Simply Can’t Stop Sexting Each Other

What pretty much everyone's iPhones look like nowadays. (Photo: Blogspot)

We’re about to string some terrible words together, so bare with us: millennial couples just can’t stop sexting each other.

The disturbing results come from a new survey that people who are in a serious relationship or co-habitating are the most frequent sexters — and they do it much more frequently than us singletons.

The survey surmises two plausible reasons for couples’ affection for sexting. One is that it’s a new way of spicing up their boring relations–or perhaps they’re engaging in suspicious activities and sexting other partners. Read More

This Happened

NYC Security Supervisor Accidentally Email Blasts a Picture of His Penis to Everyone at Work

Going private? (Photo: Lionsdenu)

It happens to the best of us: You think you’re sending a mundane email blast en masse to your coworkers, but instead you accidentally send a picture of your penis. Gerard Robson, a security supervisor at JFK airport, can testify to that. While attempting to send the proper photos of a fender bender, he mistakenly attached a photo of a “waist down, naked penis out, belly and all” on his company-issued Blackberry. Read More

Oh Snap

Snapchat CEO Loves the Ephemeral Nature of Your Dick Pics

Saddest sentence ever. (Photo: Hashgram)

Welp, guess we’ve been using Snapchat all wrong. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel spoke this morning at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference, where he that argued his creation “isn’t a great a tool for sexting” and stated that the future of apps should be ephemeral.

Mr. Spiegel said more than 150 million pictures are uploaded every day to Snapchat by people aged 13 to 25. Although he noted that “some” of its users are probably naked, usage dips after 11 p.m., when he assumes when sexts are sent. (We hope by that time people already have sealed the deal). Read More

App for That

Berlin Startup Helps You Sound Like a Sex-Crazed Bavarian

(Screencap: Zoobe Cam)

Feel like your voice messages are lacking a certain je ne sais quois? Is your sultry baritone no longer enough to convince a potential partner to take you on a date? Lucky for you, Zoobe Cam, an app that lets you record voice messages and then stage animated characters to perform them, has released a new version that lets sexy animated ladies convey your messages for you, no sexting required! Read More