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Introducing the Seamless of Porn: Site Lets Users Customize Their Own Sexy Videos

Download your fantasy. (Screengrab: Customs4U)

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve been scrolling through porn sites for hours, and can’t find a damn thing that tickles your fancy? Now, there’s Customs4U, a site that lets users customize their own porn videos.

The site, which launched in September 2013, lets users commission scripted porn videos catered exactly to their tastes, and then electronically delivers those videos directly to the users’ private online dashboards. Users start by selecting their desired model, genre, duration, quality and delivery time, and are then invited to enter a “description” of up to 999 characters of what they’d like to go down in their super sexy vid. Read More


Six Seconds of Sexy: The 12 Hottest Vine Accounts

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When Vine launched earlier this year, people were shocked that porn appeared on it. Ha, how weird that the first instinct of its users was stick to a camera down their pants and see what happens! The Twitter-owned video service largely cleaned up its act (even workarounds for searching #sex like typing #s3x seem to have disappeared), Read More