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‘LovePalz’ Social Network Lets You Control Strangers’ Sex Toys from Afar

Your next cybersex partner? (LovePalz)

I’ve written before about teledildonics, the fancy name for computer-controlled sex toys capable of being operated over large geographical distances. It was this past summer, when I tested out OhMiBod’s blueMotion, the bluetooth-enabled vibrator designed with long-distance couples in mind.

“For us, its about keeping a connection or making a connection with somebody who might be not physically standing next to you,” OhMiBod cofounder Suki Dunham said at the time.

But while OhMiBod is gearing their teledildonic products toward couples, another company, LovePalz, wants to help you have long-distance cybersex with total strangers. The Taiwan-based company is currently beta testing a new social network, called LovePalz Club, that’ll let users set up profiles, connect with new friends they find attractive, and then control those new friends’ sex toys. In other words, it’s a combination of Facebook, OkCupid, Tinder… and actual sex. Read More

Tech Dirty to Me

Does Anyone Actually Want This ‘Revolutionary’ Female Masturbation Glove?

Scary, tbh. (Indiegogo)

Perhaps in an attempt to cash in on the viral success of the Autoblow 2, a new purportedly “revolutionary” sex toy for women launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last week.

It’s called the Glov  — a silicon rubber glove that “provides [users] with a superior way to masturbate,” according to the campaign page. The Glov features a port on the underside of the fingers where users can attach a rabbit vibrator or dildo, and thereby manipulate the toys with just their fingers, as opposed to their full arms. Once the attachment is fastened to the port, its vibrations can be controlled by buttons on the back of the Glov. Read More

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Horny Consumers Crashed Electronic Blow Job Machine Website During Pre-Sale Period

We can't wait to get ours. (Screengrab: Vimeo)

The Fourth of July weekend might be over, but there’s still reason to celebrate: the makers of the Autoblow 2 today started shipping out their highly-anticipated electronic oral sex simulator.

In case you missed it, the Autoblow 2 is an electronic blow job machine that received funding through a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign. Users plug the cylindrical device into the wall, and insert their penises into the sleeve. Beaded rings then slide up and down the sleeve, delivering — or so the company claims — the same sensations as a regular human blow job. Read More

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Synchronized iPhone Sex Toy Makes Long Distance Relationships Even More Awkward

(Photo: Lovepalz)

In the post-AIM age, it’d probably be pretty difficult to find someone who hasn’t engaged in a long-distance relationship. Our constant communication channels and visually stimulating technologies make it pretty easy to close the emotional distance between partners on opposite coasts.

But what about that physical distance? For that, there’s LovePalz, for when cybering isn’t enough. Read More

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Boink Box is Birchbox for Sex Stuff, Natch

(Photo: Boink Box)

With so many monthly subscription goodies available for everyone from women to men to dogs, it was only a matter of time before the XXX Internet purveyors issued their own version of the subscription model. Say bonjour, mon amour to Boink Box, a new take on subscription ecommerce that’s a little sexier than the traditional lipgloss and eyeshadow fare.

Boink Box, which officially launched about two weeks ago, curates highly-rated, high-quality sex toys from wholesale suppliers and ships them to you monthly in a pretty little box. You can choose to receive products for men, women or both, and every month a box of vibrators, massage oils, glow in the dark body paint or whatever else the Boink Box team finds acceptable will arrive on your door step, ready to be used for sexy time. Read More

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In No Way Does It Surprise Us That Fab’s All-Time Bestselling Item Is a Fancy Vibrator

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Racy Rebel Plum’s single bestselling product of all time? It’s not a pair of earrings, or a clever little teapot, or a framed poster about typography. According to CCO Bradford Shellhammer, speaking onstage at this morning’s session of Le Web in London, it’s a vibrator. Not only that, the site has sold “thousands and thousands” of vibrators–maybe even tens of thousands, he said. That’s a whole lot of sex toys.

Michael Arrington looked a little poleaxed and followed up by sharing that little data point on Twitter. Business Insider seemed even more flustered. “We’re not sure why” a vibrator would be so popular, the blog wrote through pursed lips. “Could be part of Fab’s former self shining through,” pointing to the site’s origins as a “Groupon-like startup with deals for the gay community.”

Frankly, we’re perplexed by all the prudishness. This is the same planet clamoring for 50 Shades of Grey, right?  Read More